Died Never Trying
Taylor. I dont want to say you were one of the things I died never trying...
Died Never Trying





Before I get inside you,
I’ll want a taste of you. It’s like the appetizer, getting you ready for what’s about to come. Besides you, that is. I love it when you let me go down on you. I really can’t tell you why.  Maybe it’s the feeling of knowing that you’re getting absolutely nothing, but pleasure out of it. And that it’s me who’s giving it to you. 
The way you let me know I’m doing you right, is just so fucking hot. When you squeeze my head in between your legs so damn tightly. Fingers running through my hair, while you’re pushing my face against you as if I could get any closer than I already am. I can hear you panting so loud, it just tells me that I shouldn’t stop. 
Then there it is. You let me know that I should. Not with words, but with your body language. The moment your eyes roll back, thighs quiver, and your grip on me loosens. I know I got it out of you. And as I look back up at you with that huge grin on your face, trying to catch your breath, I know I accomplished my goal. That’s what you wanted, right? 

Unf omfg that got me so horny


well then

wow okay I’m dead






One of the saddest photos I’ve saved in my computer.
No fucking way.
oh my god
Mother of God. 
oh my holy god.
oh my god  :(…………
oh god.
they obviously didn’t die if the picture was uploaded to the computer… but its still sad!
^ the camera with this picture on was found in the the rubble after the attack.  
reblogging every time.
omgg </3
this made me cry
oh.my.gosh! </3
Oh my god
Imagine the aftermath.
This is honestly one of  the most intense photos i have seen from 9/11. So sadThis is sad to look at  looking how calm he is and not knowing whats about to happen 
this photo makes me feel so sick :(
fuck i bursted out into tears 
Fuck. To prove this isn’t a photoshop job or anything, reblog and click the picture, then look at this picture again.
omg this is so sad

Imagine what the photographer was thinking..Having the courage to not let their friend/loved one know that they are about to die.  Rather, letting him spend his final moments in bliss.

My Lord… </3


forever reblog

It’s photoshopped. 
raining men
mixed tape.. best one to make out with
i wish i could tell my boyfriend this…….
When someone catches you in a lie